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Our Department Vision and Mission


Our Vision 

vibrant culture for the learning and appreciation of the arts

Our Mission
JSPS pupils must be actively involved in arts activities so that their experiences will create a love for the arts and contribute to their overall development in the other areas of growth.


Desired Outcomes of JSPS Arts Education

1) A well-rounded education

2) Enquiring and creative pupils
3) Able to express themselves through various arts forms
4) Appreciative of our cultural heritage
5) Imbued with a sense of aesthetics
6) An ethos of experimentation and innovation
7) A cultural vibrancy arising from individual lifelong love

Committee Members Of the Aesthetics Department

Mrs Ivy Tan (Head of Department, Aesthetics)

Art & Craft

Ms Clarine Tan [P1]

Ms Eileen Ho [P2,P4]

Mrs Susan Chia  [P3]

Mdm Nadiah [P3]

Mdm Eva Enek [P5]

Mrs Ivy Tan [P6]

Mrs Guna Arul (Coordinator) [P4,P6]

Mdm Lee Kin Yin [P1]

Mrs Karen Chew [P2]

Mr Steven Tay [P2]

Mdm Adeline Sim [P3,P5]

Ms Joanne Kow [P5]

Niche Status in Visual Arts and Pottery




The school's efforts in arts education has been affirmed by the National Arts Council. JSPS is awarded the Spark Award (Nov 2013 to Nov 2017) for our holistic and integrated arts education programme.


Congratulations, Jing Shan!



In Good Schools

Esplanade V.I.P (Harmony)

Schoolbag.Sg: Developing A Love for the Arts from Young

Our Department Blog: " I Love Arts"


Check out our blog "I Love Arts" for the latest Arts Scene in Jing Shan Primary School.

Click on the link below.





i-Busking Schedule (Term 3)



We have available slots. Sign up fast before all slots are taken up.


1st Recess 2&4

2nd Recess


3rd Recess


11th Jul

This is me


Jane and friends


Guzheng pupils

Lion Dance



18th Jul

Let it go


Xiu Yuan

Coboy Junior


Siti and friends

Jump Start


Ren Ying

25th Jul




The Climb


Elma and friends

Song item


Jia Min and friends

1st Aug

Vailata Patri



Best Song Ever


Naufal and friends

Faint (LP)



8th Aug

Let it go


Celine and friends

Pass me by


Rizza and friends


15th Aug

We are monsters


Jenny and friends

Mama (CJ)


Suhartini and friends


22nd Aug

Story of my life


Sutian and friends

One Singapore


Sam and friends


29th Aug






5th Sep

Teachers’ Day Celebration

12th Sep

September Holidays

19th Sep

PSLE Listening

26th Sep




Dariz and friends


3rd Oct

Children’s Day Celebration

10th Oct




17th Oct

PSLE Marking

24th Oct




31st Oct




7th Nov




14th Nov

Prize Giving Day 2014



"I Love eARTh" Termly Art Exhibition 2014


To achieve our Arts Vision and Mission , a series of  “ I Love Arts”    programmes is carried out.


“ I Love Arts”, a love, a passion for the Arts. The ultimate goal which our pupils would achieve at the end of six years in Jing Shan Primary School.


As part of the “I Love Arts” programmes, we are proud to present to you, “I Love eARTh” Exhibition.




 In our  Art Curriculum, we focus on 3 main domains: Seeing, Expressing and Appreciating.


In Seeing Art, our pupils observe their surroundings and respond to what they see by asking questions and creating artworks. This heightens pupils’ sensory awareness, arouses curiosity and encourages imagination and generation of ideas.


In Expressing Art, our pupils generate ideas from what they see and explore ways to communicate their ideas, feelings and experiences. Pupils communicate through the various art forms and media as well as orally and in written text. This cultivates pupils’ spirit of innovation and experimentation.


In Appreciating Art, our pupils acquire skills and use appropriate art vocabulary to discuss and interpret artworks. They understand why and how artworks are made and value art in their lives and society. This heightens pupils’ aesthetics and cultural awareness and raises the value of art among our pupils.






Singapore Youth Festival (Chinese Dance Category)

Our 22 young Chinese Dancers have done us proud by achieving
Distinction in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2014.


The title of the dance put up is 梨园俏妞妞 (Translation: Ladies of Pear Garden). The dance depicts a group of lovely girls, who display childhood innocence and happiness while practicing at Li Yuan. The dancers pick up different roles in the Chinese Opera, their each and every move displays the charm of Chinese traditional culture.


Well done girls and thank you parents for your support.


Art Exhibits @ Ang Mo Kio National Library


This is our second year collaborating with Ang Mo Kio National Library to display artworks done by our pupils. The objectives of this project are : to bring art to the local community, to build a vibrant art culture in the community and to ...provide a platform for our pupils to display their artworks at a public arena.
The exhibits will be displayed at Level 1, Ang Mo Kio National Library during the June Holidays. Head down to the AMK National Library today!

Voices of Harmony ; The Orange Ribbon Song

National Day Song (1) 2014 - Home

National Day Song (2) -2014

National Day Song (3) - We will get there